23 Aug 2017



Kansai Plascon Acquires Sadolin Paints Kenya

Nairobi 23rd August 2017 - Kansai Plascon Africa Limited, a subsidiary of Japan based Kansai Paint Co, has concluded its agreement to purchase the Sadolin Paints operations in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. This was announced by Kansai Plascon Kenya Managing Director Jamil Virjee, during a press briefing at the Stanley Hotel.

Kansai Paint is a global company with major operations in Japan, China, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Its product offering covers the decorative, industrial, protective coatings and automotive segment. It has research and development facilities in Japan, India and South Africa.

“We are thrilled at this acquisition. Through it, we will be able to tap into Kansai’s strong brand heritage, global technical capability, and trusted performance, providing us with new capabilities, access to technology and a know-how, which is key in continuing to drive growth for this brand,” said Jamil Virjee.

Speaking about the rationale for the acquisition, President of Kansai Plascon East Africa Gary van der Merwe said that this acquisition signals Kansai Plascon’s commitment to global expansion. “East Africa is one of the fastest growing regions on the continent, with a rapidly emerging middle class, increased spending power and growing urbanization. This is, therefore, a good time to launch into a market that is in need of our wide range of products to enhance their lifestyles, while also increasing our global footprint.”


The acquisition will see no changes in top management positions at Sadolin. The company will continue to operate as optimally as it has been with the current employee base. Jamil Virjee, who stays on as company’s Managing Director, says this acquisition will see even better and more efficient output by the paint company, as it will benefit from new and improved technologies from Kansai Paint, a top ten coatings company in the world.


Since establishment in 1959 in Kenya, Sadolin Paints has operated and offered the Kenyan market products in the decorative, professional, protective coatings and automotive segments.

Jamil Virjee reassures customers that this move will have no impact on current operations, but will come with even more streamlined operations to serve customers better and more efficiently, while delivering the quality product they have come to expect. “All our local dealerships, stores and shops will remain open to serve you at the same great price you have enjoyed over the years. Over the next few months, as we complete the transition, we shall subject to our contractual commitments, phase out the Sadolin brand from the shelves and encourage our customers to ask for Plascon from their local dealer.”

Noting that acquisitions and mergers come with some uncertainty, Gary van der Merwe commented that since Sadolin as a business was already operating impressively, the strategic input would be to enhance and plug into the existing operations to improve efficacy.

“We will only work to expand the already existing high quality technology that we have found in place. Our commitment remains to investing in cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with the best quality paint in the market,” he said.

Our focus is to maintain our place as the leading paint manufacturer in East Africa through continuous innovation to best meet the ever changing needs of our customers and remain competitive in the market. “The Kenyan market can look forward to the Plascon Visualizer mobile phone app which allows people to play and experiment with colors for their homes and projects before they head to the store to place their orders.”

Sadolin has enjoyed a huge presence and dominated the regional paint market. This acquisition will boost Kansai Plascon’s presence as it seeks to strengthen its position as the leading paint company in Africa.



About Kansai Plascon:

Kansai Paint, based in Japan, is a top ten coatings company globally, it is the largest suppliers in the world of original equipment auto paints. It has world-leading research & development facilities in Japan, India and South Africa, which continually drive innovation and excellence in the paint environment.


Kansai Paint over the last 10 years has embarked on a global expansion drive. This has seen partnerships developed across the globe but most importantly in Africa.


Plascon was acquired in 2011 with a focus on creating a business with a footprint across Africa. This gave Kansai Paint an ideal platform to launch into Africa with not only products but more importantly, innovation, technology, colour support and technical support.


The Plascon brand itself has been operating in the South African market for the over 128 years and is the largest coatings manufacture in Southern Africa. Together, Kansai Plascon is now AFRICA’S No 1 COATINGS COMPANY and this is made even stronger with the acquisition of the Sadolin group of companies in East Africa.