Nov 01, 2018
Because different colours can imply different moods, choosing the right shade is one of the most impactful things you can do when deciding on a brand’s aesthetic. Broadly, red is playful, blue is sophisticated, green is natural, pink is feminine. The list is endless so it’s important to ensure your brand is sending the right message about its personality.  For a property development such as Park Square on the uMhlanga Ridge, the brand’s colours were extrapolated further to enhance the building’s placemaking vision for a connected and urban space.  


For interior spaces, Plascon’s Professional Low Sheen, low VOC, lead free, durable paint was used to paint Park Square, the most exciting development to come on stream on the uMhlanga Ridge Town Centre. Image Credit: Plascon.

Newly opened, Park Square is the latest business and lifestyle development that interfaces beautifully within its surrounds on the rapidly developing uMhlanga Ridge. Featuring 36000m² of commercial space, 4000m² of retail space and a 3500m² open square, Park Square was designed as an exceptional and dynamic business destination for professionals and a convenient urban space for the surrounding communities to enjoy. The building accommodates some of Durban’s best retailers while companies such as Nedbank occupy the commercial space.

Park Square’s core brand colours are Urban Navy and Plascon’s Aegean Splendour (EC40). Sophisticated but not pretentious, these colours form the core of a brand that is both urban and caring, the perfect backdrop to establish a sense of place. When choosing the building’s secondary colour palette, the architects, MAP, settled on a restrained mix of neutral colours with feel-good pastels and saturated colours. Ravine (62) is one of the core neutrals with interest added in through colours such as deeply indulgent Phantom Night (P1-E1-2) as a sublimely urban accent. The feature colours are vitally green Evening Glade (G3-E2-2) and crystalline Mermaid Jewel (G7-B1-2) for energy, drama and freshness.

On Park Square’s fresh but suave secondary palette, colour and brand expert, Claire Bond comments, “This colour combination is easy on the eye and sophisticated at the same time. It works perfectly with the developers’ intention to offer professionals and the surrounding communities a dynamic urban space to work, shop and relax.”

With Plascon’s Professional Low Sheen, low VOC, lead free, durable paint product selected to suit the interior spaces of the building and Plascon’s Wall & All selected to suit the steamy KwaZulu-Natal climate for external surfaces, the development easily achieved its Four-Star Green star rating. Claire adds, “Park Square offers a uniquely connected and open shopping and working experience. The nature and colour of the paint products used will ensure the vibrant atmosphere envisioned for the development as well as ensure its longevity.”

Four star Green Star

The Four-Star Green Star rated development, Park Square is seamlessly connecting work and play, through its considered spaces and open public spaces. The vibrant development will celebrate the importance of art in public spaces through its murals which are a symbolic and trendy use of colour. Image Credit: Park Square.