Jan 31, 2019

Red! The colour of love, Coca-Cola and Plascon. Its varied and sometimes diverse connotations are a reminder of how colours can be perceived in so many different lights. Extreme, exciting and fun, red is the colour to get noticed. It can be uplifting and powerful or aggressive and manipulative depending on the dosage.

We can’t escape it this Valentine’s Month so here are some red fails and red wins to show you how it can work in a space:

At the office:

Wrong Usage:

Red underneath and red overhead, these office workers will be seeing red all-day long. Image sourced from

Right Usage

Tasteful and chic, the red wall is toned down with clean white furniture and art for an optimistic and modern feel. There’s no denying the power and energy in this office

At home:

Wrong Usage:

Headache material or invigorating? This monochromatic red room is for red lovers only. Image sourced from


Right Usage:

The red couch is the hero in the room but it doesn’t rule the roost. Rather it's complemented by the grey wall and art collection for an interesting eclectic look. Image sourced from Pinterest.

Using different shades of red also makes a big difference in décor and design. The 2019 Plascon Colour Forecast features several reds that work well in the home and work space. Go Go Red (R4-A1-1) part of the forecast’s Minimal colour story with its pink undertone is less fiery than a primary red. Used alongside oranges and greys, the colours maximise a minimal look and bring freshness and comfort at the same time. Other shades of red in the colour forecast include dramatic Burnt Horizon (R7-B1-1), part of the Luxury colour story, and striking Red Flame (R7-A1-1), part of the Urban story.


Minimal 7
Maximising the minimal look with colour, this composition of Go Go Red (R4-A1-1) and apricot Orange Delight (O5-A1-4) stands out dramatically without the need for too much else in the room.

Plascon Head of Decorative Marketing, Katlego Kondlo says, “We just love reds and it doesn’t have to be banished to Valentine’s Day cards or red roses. When done with just the right amount, it’s a great colour to inject energy and fun into a space.”