Oct 31, 2019

The imposing new premium-grade building taking shape on the Rosebank skyline is the R1.2 billion office development at 144 Oxford Road, where modern design meets the environment, blending sustainability, functionality and aesthetics to create an iconic landmark. The 36 700m2 nine-storey design consists of a northern and southern office tower linked by a central multi-volume atrium. The building is set to be ready for hand-over at the beginning of November 2019.


144 Oxford Road is an environmentally-friendly building – the design as well as all the Plascon
coatings comply with requirements to enhance the building’s 5 Star Green Star status.

Close collaboration, buildability workshopping and careful coordination between the various members of the professional team resulted in a streamlined design that supports modern business needs in this prime position at the gateway to Rosebank.

Coatings specialist Kansai Plascon was the coatings supplier of choice for the entire building. Plascon Specifications Manager, Samandy Reddy, led the partnership with architects and developers every step of the way in line with Plascon’s 360° Partnership Pledge.

Reddy outlines her team’s involvement, “Because every project is unique, we conducted an initial on-site assessment based on the location and surrounding environment of the building to determine the most suitable products, paint systems and colours for long-lasting, beautiful and protective coatings.

“We organised colour renderings and wet samples to make the final colour selection easier. To monitor coatings on a long-term basis, we isolated a reference area on the building, which is monitored and documented by Plascon, considering film thickness of primer, intermediate and topcoats. Should there be any coatings concerns in the future, this area is the first point of reference,” explains Reddy.

“By conducting regular site visits,” she continues, “we tracked progress and workmanship and provided comprehensive reports. A variety of Plascon Professional products was specified for application at 144 Oxford Road, from highly-waterproof coatings that serve the landscaping planters to outdoor wall coatings that can withstand big city air pollution, extreme weather conditions and other factors.”

Exterior coating

The exterior of 144 Oxford Street was coated with Plascon Wall & All, a premium quality, extremely durable, washable, pure acrylic emulsion paint. Wall & All provides exceptional exterior durability with an attractive low-sheen finish. It is a lead-free, highly versatile, water-resistant coating, containing a unique dirt barrier formulation that gives the paint the ultimate protection against dirt pick-up.

Interior coating

Plascon’s Professional Super Matt was used on the interior surfaces, giving a smooth matt finish with good washability. Other benefits of this paint include its quick-drying capacity, low odour and durability when applied both internally and externally.

Interior fixtures coatings

The doors, handrails, lift doors and shaft were coated with Plascon Velvaglo water-based – a premium quality satin-finish, non-drip enamel – giving these surfaces both a decorative and protective finish. With its AquaToughTM hero ingredient, this coating is highly resilient to UV damage, peeling and flaking. The unique gel formulation prevents the paint from dripping during application, therefore achieving a higher film build than most water-based coatings. No undercoat is necessary for sanded enamel surfaces, making it easy to apply and quick drying. It is low odour and lead-free.

Steel pipe coatings

Plascosafe 500 Direct-to-Metal was applied to the basement mild steel fire protection pipeline system, which provides an extremely high-performance barrier against rust.

While the professional team ensured that all design specifications complied with a 5 Star SA Green Star Rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa, Plascon ensured that all coatings used throughout the building were also compliant.

A unique aspect of the building is the ‘elastic’ design, where flexible spaces are adaptable to the unique needs of tenants. Collaborative workspace allows for business expansion, while the shared cost of meeting rooms and a coffee shop reduces the expense for each client by eliminating the need to spend money on infrequently used spaces.


Meeting pods hang as a feature of the atrium and are not only visually interesting within the
large space but also functional meeting and training rooms.

American designer Paul Rand predicted the thought behind 144 Oxford Road when he penned these words around 100 years ago: ‘Design is a way of life, a point of view. It involves the whole complex of visual communications: talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Aesthetics and economics, technology and psychology are intrinsically related to the process.’


Says Reddy, “Plascon is proud be part of the team that has made 144 Oxford Road into the attractive destination that it has become, where high-functional workspace and beautiful relaxation areas blend pleasantly into the streetscape.”

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