7 things you need to know before you start painting

Dec 14, 2016

Planning on giving your home a colour revamp? Herewith a few handy tips to make sure you get the best results from your project.


1. All unpainted surfaces must always be primed.

2. Before painting your walls a new colour, it's important to paint them with a white base coat, especially if your original colour is yellow.

3. It's essential to paint a white background on painted or raw plaster walls when painting colour samples. It's highly recommended that a primer or undercoat be used (depending on whether it’s a new or painted wall). Once you have painted your colour samples, allow the colours to settle for at least two to three days and view them at different times of the day.

4. All lighting (including natural sunlight, artificial light and shadow) affects the appearance of the paint.

5. A “tint” is when you add white to a colour and a “shade” is when you add black.

6. Stir paint with a flat paddle to mix it properly.

7. Sand in a circular motion to create the most adhesive surface possible.