Oct 10, 2017

The Plascon Paint Academy is just the place to get all the answers to your DIY questions. The Academy’s Donovan Bezuidenhout is our go-to expert on all matters paint-related.

Q: Is there a correlation between room size and paint colour? 

A: Paint colour and tone certainly have an influence on the perception of a room’s size. To create the perception that a room is larger than it actually is, use cool colours, whites, neutrals and pastels. If you’d like to make a large room appear more intimate, use strong, warm colours. The effect is caused by warm colours seeming to advance and cool colours seeming to recede.

Q: I find it hard to choose paint colours from swatches; do you have any advice? 

A: First decide which colour family you prefer from the Plascon Inspired Colour System stand. These would be red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. You can choose a monochromatic scheme, which would be one hue with either lighter or darker variations of the same hue. You could also choose an adjacent scheme, whereby you would choose a colour next to your main colour either to the left or the right. Complementary schemes work well for a slightly bolder choice. Plascon mixes 250 ml samples, which you can test on your wall to help you decide. To get a good overall idea, test the sample both in an area that get lots of sunlight and in a darker area.

Q: Can I use wall paint on other surfaces, like home accessories?

A: If you use the correct primer, you can apply a topcoat to a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal and ceramic items.


Q: Does Plascon have a paint for burglar bars or security gates that will cover rust? 

A: Plascon has a range of products suited for this type of surface. The paint system would depend on the type and severity of the rust. Most burglar bars and security gates are made of mild steel, which will have a brown to orange rust. For that, Polycell End Rust can be used on the rusted areas, but not if the material has rusted right through. Velvaglo oil-based or water-based paints are best for a final coat, as they have a non-drip formulation.

Q: I bought painted metal chairs for the patio and would like to repaint them a different matt colour. How do I do it?

A: Clean the chairs with Polycell Sugar Soap powder or liquid solution. Apply one coat of Plascon Universal Undercoat and allow it to dry. Then apply a Plascon matt paint such as Polvin or Wall & All in your desired colour and tint for a suede sheen.

Q: How can I use metallic paints to make a statement? 

A: Applying metallic paint is an excellent way to highlight objects such as lamps, mirrors, picture frames and side tables, or even as part of a pattern or motif to create an accent wall. Keep it simple and only paint a metallic border at the bottom or top of a wall, or paint a decorative moulding gold or silver. The colour and technique would depend on the theme or style you have in mind. Note that the surface has to be smooth, because the light reflecting off shiny paint will show up imperfections.