Protective Coatings

Designed to protect and prolong the life of your assets.


Backed by Plascon’s technical expertise and industry specification knowledge,

this range is a superior quality system designed exclusively for industries

requiring protection against corrosion. You can rest assured that our coatings

range will add value to your assets in the infrastructure market, pulp and

paper, oil and gas, mining and power sectors over the long term.



Our range includes:


• Alkyd Primers


• Epoxy Range


• Inorganic Zinc Primers


• Polyurethanes


• Silicone Acrylic


Industrial 2

Road Marking

Designed to lead the way in safety, visibility and durability.


Kansai Plascon strives to make all aspects of life better, including those of

commuters which is why this range of products has been designed for the

marking of national and municipal roads and offers you a complete solution

for asphalt, bitumen roads, airport runways, brick and concrete surfaces.

After all, our philosophy of “Designed for life” includes people’s safety too.



Our range includes:


• Hysheen Road Marking Paint (SABS)


• Brick and Concrete Marking Paint


• Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint


• Aqualine Water-based Road Marking Paint


• Cold Cure Screed Road Marking Paint

Wood Coatings

When it comes to wood finishes our “Designed for Life” philosophy sits naturally.


At Kansai Plascon we understand the challenges of keeping your wood

finishes naturally pristine. This range of products has been designed to give

you a range of premium quality products for all your wood needs, from

preparation to the final coat. Using our breakthrough technologies, we provide

you with the best solution for all your needs.


Our range includes:


• Waterbased Floor Coatings and Furniture Coatings


• Nitrocellulose Coatings


• Reaction Lacquers


• Polyurethanes


• Stains




Wood Coatings
Kansai Sprintcote CO2

Industrial Coatings

Designed to be as strong as the metal it protects.


Kansai Plascon brings you a full range of premium quality coatings for metal

applications. We offer you a full tinting system for water-based as well as

solvent based topcoats too. A comprehensive specification manual for all

coating requirements is available for more information.



Our range includes:


• Etch, Metal, Polyurethane and Epoxy Primers


• Waterbased Primers and Topcoats


• Air–Dry, Quick Dry and Polyurethane Enamels


• Aluminium Finishes and Specialist Products





Rail Coatings

Coatings designed to keep rolling stock protected against corrosion and on the go.


This range of products has been designed specifically for Railway Rolling stock. We offer you a coating system that guarantees life expectancy, whilst our large African sales and distribution footprint gives you access to the coatings where and when you need it most. Our rolling stock specification manual will help you choose the right product to suit your needs.


Our offering includes:


• A complete water-borne coating system offering


• Tintable topcoats, water-borne and solvent-borne


• Digital rolling stock specification manual





Industrial Rail Coatings
Industrial Mine Enamels underground

Mine Markings

"Designed for Life" means exactly that, especially for those who need greater safety and visibility deep underground.


Kansai Plascon recognises the contribution that all men and women who work in our countries' mines make. That's why we have developed a new, robust, high-quality and versatile enamel especially for the mining industry. After all, Plascon is all about improving and safeguarding lives.



Our range includes:


Mine Enamel Pint


• Aerosol Mine Marking Paint


• Blast Marking Paint