Inspired Colour System

The Plascon Inspired Colour System was designed to help you create the perfect colour scheme using a single colour as a starting point. Select your main colour from the options below, and then select Monochromatic, Complementary, or Adjacent to see the resulting colour harmonies.

  • NOTY 1 Thumbnail

    Plascon Colour Forecast 2019

    Nov 29, 2018
    In a world moving away from cluttered spaces, the new forecast is all about the colour on the wall. The 2019 edition has four new and unique colour stories, including paint trends and timeless neutrals to love.
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  • 9481e47b02c78a9b_4622-w312-h312-b0-p0--farmhouse-kitchen


    By Ian Schwikkard | Jun 01, 2019
    For sunshine vibes in your home, yellow is always a good choice. Vibrant and energising, it signifies happiness and warmth perfect for creating cocoons of joy in your space.
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  • 2019 colour trends - plascon silver

    Colour of the Month January 2019 – Plascon Silver (38)

    By David Catherine | Jan 02, 2019
    As we shift into 2019, at the top of mind are trends for our homes and workplaces. One colour that we foresee featuring strongly in 2019 is Plascon Silver (38).
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  • pexels-photo-688010

    Colour of the Month December 2018 – Golf Greens and Red Flame

    By David Catherine | Dec 05, 2018
    Whether it is green or red that takes your fancy, either of them as accents will work perfectly as part of the Plascon URBAN colour story.
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  • CoTM Nov 2018 - thumbnail

    Colour of the Month November 2018 – Ravine

    By David Catherine | Nov 13, 2018
    In an overstimulated world, grey is a wonderful colour to get us back to basics. Our 2019 Forecast Neutral of the Year and November Colour of the Month, Ravine (62), is warm mauve-grey hue that is the perfect canvas to start re-imagining your home this summer.
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  • spring summer colour - hooray 26

    Colour of the Month October 2018 – HOORAY!

    By David Catherine | Oct 03, 2018
    What better way to celebrate the new season than by adding a little vibrant energy with the ‘fluorescent’ pastel HOORAY O3-A1-3. A perfect colour to add excitement and cheerfulness to any palette, space, and beauty or fashion accessory.
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  • Desert Spring 09

    Colour of the Month September 2018 – Desert Spring

    By David Catherine | Aug 31, 2018
    Our Plascon Colour of the Month, Desert Spring (G1-C2-3), is the perfect pastel paint colour to introduce you to spring. A dynamic shade that oscillates between misty blue and watery green, it is a refreshing tone that is guaranteed to breathe life into any designed space.
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  • Urban Rock 04

    Colour of the Month August 2018 – Urban Rock

    By David Catherine | Aug 07, 2018
    It's August and Women's Month in Mzansi: A time to embrace all the rocking sisters out there who are making it work and making it count. At Plascon we believe women empowerment is about your choice to be the woman you want to be. That's why we are all about Urban Rock (B4-E1-2), a grounding colour that gives you the space to choose your own path.
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  • cotm-thumb

    Colour of the Month July 2018 - Hot n Spicy

    By David Catherine | Jul 02, 2018
    Our Colour of the Month, Hot n Spicy R6-B1-1 from the 2018 Colour Forecast, reflects the winds of global change. Its dynamic energy propels us forward and helps us gather momentum in order to pave a new way into the future.
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  • Thumbnail_storm cloud

    Colour of the Month June 2018 – Storm Cloud

    By David Catherine | Jun 06, 2018
    There's so much to love about Storm Cloud (B4-C1-1), Plascon's colour of the month. Even in the middle of winter, Storm Cloud is rich, intense, bold, and creates dramatic effects in any home if paired with the correct textures and accessories.
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  • CoTM May 2018 - thumbnail

    Colour of the Month May 2018 - Julianne Jade

    By David Catherine | May 01, 2018
    In an era that is obsessed with perfection and getting things done instantly, we invite you to take some time to yourself and learn about the Japanese version of shabby chic which celebrates the opposite.
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