Colour of the Month March 2018 - Caribbean Current

Feb 28, 2018
By Kerstin Eser, Media Stylist and Colour Specialist

Before we enter the warm, moody tones of autumn, let’s celebrate the closing of summer with our colour of the month, Caribbean Current G6-C1-1.

Caribbean Current is a deep and vivid aqua green that is far from timid. It is an extremely generous hue that is fun, energising, and with a rich and dramatic appeal.

This colour is abundantly evident in the world of both fashion and beauty.

Caribbean Current 1

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Caribbean Current probably sits somewhere between an emerald green and a deep teal. The lighter you progress up the colour card the more aqua it becomes, showing that there is a blue undertone to this colour.

However, it does not have enough blue in it to be regarded as a deep teal, and too much aqua in it to be an emerald. The closest name to describe it would probably be a forest green.

Colour Inspiration – Creating Moods

There are many ways this colour can work and many moods it can create.

Starting with the dynamic and quirky North Audley Cantaine NAC – a restaurant in Mayfair London. The colour has been married with dusty, coral pinks, and the mood of the palette is enhanced by the curvy-lined furniture, circular mirrors/windows, metallic trims, plush velvets and opulent marble finishes. This creates a fun, refreshing and edgy appeal.

Caribbean Current 2

Photos by Andrew Meredith (Source:

It works beautifully with white and natural wood tones.

Caribbean Current 3

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Or use it as a pop of understated colour in a space with a neutral palette of greys, whites, blacks and muted browns.

Caribbean Current 6

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It combines really well with rich, night-sky blues and other deep blues, or combined with a golden yellow and a soft, baby blue.

Caribbean Current 7

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Don’t be afraid of using this colour on its own. It is the making of a striking interior.

Caribbean Current 4b

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Create your own indoor greenery by combining Caribbean Current with varying shades of green and/or plant life.

Caribbean Current 5

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Caribbean Current grounds the Exotic Euphoria palette in the 2018 Colour Forecast, adding a richness and enhancing the strong tie to nature that this palette possesses.

Caribbean Current 9

Image | Plascon 2018 Colour Forecast

To end off – and just because I couldn’t resist:

Caribbean Current 8

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Now go create something delicious with this magnificent hue. Enjoy!