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    Encaustic Tiles… From Fad to Fabulous

    By Plascon South Africa | Feb 15, 2016
    My fascination with encaustic tiles first started in the 1990s when I lived in the United Kingdom for a couple of years.
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  • Plascon Colour Harmonies Blues Inspiration header

    Plascon Colour Harmonies: Blues Inspiration Brochure

    By Plascon South Africa | Nov 16, 2015
    These guides make it really easy for individuals to create their own colour harmonies with our Plascon paints
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  • Dark versus Light – Colour Inspiration using Plascon Swatch It header

    Dark versus Light – Colour Inspiration using Plascon Swatch It

    By Plascon South Africa | May 14, 2015
    Another one of my favourite go-to sites for home inspiration is apartmenttherapy.com – they always have beautiful and inspiring imagery to mull over.
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    Window Treatments in our Colour of the Month – Summer Memory!

    By Plascon SA | May 11, 2015
    As our wonderful Colour Manager Anne Roselt pointed out in her Colour of the Month post, “Bright yellows work well as accent colours, to add interest and attract the eye”…
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  • Colour of the Month May – Summer Memory header

    Colour of the Month May – Summer Memory

    By Plascon SA | May 04, 2015
    While many in the northern hemisphere welcome spring in May, we are beginning to feel the chill of winter. Yellow is a great colour to introduce into your décor scheme to add a bit of warmth, and this month we are highlighting a beautiful yellow called Summer Memory Y2-A1-3 from the Plascon Inspired Colour System.
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  • Grey Interior Inspiration 2015 header

    Grey Interior Inspiration 2015

    By Plascon South Africa | Apr 07, 2015
    It seems that our readers can never get enough of grey interiors. So to kick off this shortened week in this shortened month that is brimful of public holidays
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  • New Plascon SPACES Magazine Home header

    New Plascon SPACES Magazine Home Inspiration Issue On Stands Today!

    By Jonathon Blurg | Mar 23, 2015
    Feel like changing up your home’s décor but need some inspiration to get started? The latest home inspiration issue of the Plascon SPACES magazine is sure to kick-start your creativity.
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    Décor Inspiration – The Statement Seating!

    By Plascon SA | Feb 12, 2015
    t’s been a while since we’ve done a purely décor-inspired post on soft furnishings, and, well, today seemed like a good enough day to go ahead and do so…
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  • 5 Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Inspiration Ideas header

    5 Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Inspiration Ideas

    By Plascon South Africa | Feb 09, 2015
    Oh yes, you guessed it… Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and the month of love is in full swing!
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  • Plascon SPACES Magazine – Paint Techniques Inspiration header

    Plascon SPACES Magazine – Paint Techniques Inspiration

    By Plascon SA | Jan 28, 2015
    Once again we’re featuring inspiring ideas from Plascon SPACES Magazine – “The Summer Issue” – on our Trends blog. Today we’re specifically looking at paint techniques and stencils that will help transform a dreary and tired space into a fresh and beautiful one!
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  • Plascon Moodboard Inspiration from Plascon SPACES Magazine header

    Plascon Moodboard Inspiration from Plascon SPACES Magazine

    By Plascon South Africa | Jan 23, 2015
    It’s Friday – which means that many of you will be home-making/DIY-ing/pootling (one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday) around the house this weekend
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  • Summer Colours and Food Inspiration – Swatch It Style! header

    Summer Colours and Food Inspiration – Swatch It Style!

    By Plascon South Africa | Oct 10, 2014
    Yay! Yay! It’s Friday! Weekends for us human beings tend to involve eating… And particularly for us South Africans when
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    Beat the Heat: Inner City Rooftop Gardens Inspiration

    By Plascon SA | Feb 19, 2014
    You know what South Africans are like… When it’s winter we’re moaning about the weather and longing for hot summer days, and when it’s summer we’re moaning about the heat! Us Mother City dwellers have just had a heat wave this weekend past. Inspired by the sweltering weather, I’m serving up two posts (today and tomorrow) aimed at inspiring you readers with outdoor areas so that you can “beat the heat”.
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    Black Room Inspiration Back to Black

    By Plascon SA | Jan 16, 2014
    I know I have been banging on about colour for the last few posts on interiors – and it isn’t without good reason – but that said, I have a dark secret to share: I’m also having a bit of a love affair with black at the moment. There’s something very alluring about the intimacy that is created by a bit “noire” in a room.
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    Plascon’s December Colour of the Month: Seafoam Green

    By Plascon SA | Dec 02, 2013
    Holidays are almost here, and there’s one on-trend colour that epitomizes this beautifully: Seafoam Green. From fashion to cosmetics to the Plascon 2014 Colour Forecast, Seafoam Green is everywhere right now.
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  • Spring

    Springtime Inspiration

    By Evan Kotton | Sep 10, 2013
    September is here and once again the southern hemisphere is shaking off winter’s mantle… Also, Plascon is once again running a Spring Blossoms Competition and we want you to bombard us with your pics of colourful and pretty spring flowers.
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    trendtalk#8: maker/hacker and the internet of everything

    By Plascon SA | Aug 29, 2013
    The rise of the 21st century Maker/Hacker and the “internet of (every)thing” are the two major cultural trend predictions that will significantly impact our lives, as predicted by leading local trend analysts
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  • Metallic Colour Inspiration header

    Metallic Colour Inspiration from Good Clothing & Plascon

    By Plascon SA | Oct 22, 2012
    Earlier today I featured the Good Clothing stand at KAMERS vol geskenke, which is currently being held at Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West. I also promised you a look at some of the mood-board imagery that inspired the stall itself… Below are some of the images that Louise Park-Ross found when brain-storming the concept:
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  • Trend Alert Asia Rising Interiors header

    Trend Alert: Asia Rising Interiors

    By Plascon SA | Jul 09, 2012
    As a fashion-lover and stylist, I have been watching with interest the trend in Asian-inspired collections from notable fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Proenza Schouler and Dries Van Noten. These have all showcased Asian-inspired accessories and print-laden collections in the last year (amongst many, many other design houses who are looking to the East for Asian inspiration).
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