Sep 25, 2013

The following FAQs and removing paint DIY guide offer simple steps for removing paint from brick, removing paint from glass, removing paint from wood and removing paint from metal door handles.

Removing Paint DIY: How do I remove enamel/gloss type paint from face-brick walls?

Please keep in mind that brick surfaces are porous and paint penetrates the surface normally. A product that you can try is RemovAll High Performance Coatings Remover. Try this on a small and inconspicuous area first and ensure that you are happy with the results before continuing.


Removing Paint DIY: How do you go about removing paint from glass windows without scratching the glass?

You can remove water-based paint with a plastic scraper and methelated spirits. For solvent-based paint use Polycell Brush Cleaner and a plastic scraper.

Please keep in mind that one should work carefully without spilling the spirits or Brush Cleaner onto the surrounding walls as this will soften the paint.

You can also use Plascon RemovAll as long as you make 100% sure none of the Removall gets onto the surrounding painted areas as it will remove the coatings if spilled.

Removing Paint DIY: How do I get PVA Paint off a raw pine cupboard?

Woodcare Coating Remover For Wood is what you need!

We recommend conducting a small test patch in an inconspicuous area to ensure product performance. This will also indicate the time required for project completion, suitability of product for paint and substrate, and the most effective removal method.

Removing Paint DIY: What is the best way to go about removing paint from metal door handles?

  • If the paint is relatively fresh, rub off using a mutton cloth soaked in lacquer thinners.
  • If it is old, use Plascon Removall All Purpose Paint Remover.
  • Apply a heavy coat over the paint and allow 2 hours to react, then scrape and wash off with water.

Removing Paint DIY: How do you strip the paint from a wooden piece of furniture to go back to the natural wood, and what should you seal it with afterwards?

Coating Remover for Wood

  1. Apply Plascon Removall Coating Remover for Wood applied thickly over the old varnish/paint. Allow to react for 2 hours then scrape off. Repeat on “Stubborn Areas” until varnish/paint is removed.
  2. Then apply Plascon Removall Simple Wash to entire area. Allow to react for 30 minutes then rinse off with water and allow to dry.
  3. Sand the timber to a smooth finish removing all raised timber grain with 220 grit paper and dust off.
  4. Apply 3 coats of Plascon Woodcare Ultravarnish to the wooden surfaces, thinning the first coat 10% with mineral turps.
  5. Allow 16 hours drying between coats. Lightly sand between coats with 220 grit paper to de-nib any raised timber grain.