Apr 28, 2015


Q: I have used Plascon Floor Paint before but would like a glossier finish and would like to know if I can use your gloss enamel for painting concrete floors, and if not, how do I achieve a high gloss finish with your Floorpaints?


For a high-gloss finish on floors we have Plascon Stoep Enamel Paint. Please note that you will need to strip the current coating completely back to the bare substrate before you can apply Stoep Enamel.

Q: Please tell me how to remove Stoep Paint from a concrete floor.


Was the first coat of Stoep Paint thinned down and how long ago was it applied? The specification to paint with Stoep Enamel is to thin the first coat down to aid penetration – meaning that if the coating penetrated, a paint remover will only remove the paint film.

Q: I have a type of sandstone tile on my stoep but it doesn’t look nice anymore. Which product can I use to give them a completely new look?


Please be advised that sandstone requires certain handling as it is exceptionally porous if not properly sealed. Due to the nature of the substrate, preparation is vital. If this is not done, coatings usually lift from the sandstone due to moisture or damp from the underside.

Unfortunately, Plascon Floor Paint is intended for concrete / cement surfaces and will not provide durability or the required finish on sandstone. However, Tile and Floor Care specialise in this regard with a range of sealers best suited to the purpose. They can be contacted on 0800 006 173.

Q: I have a very smooth, steel-floated concrete floor. Can I paint it using Plascon’s water-based Floor Paint and if so, what do I need to do to prepare the floor?


Yes, you can. First clean the floor with Aquasolve Degreaser and rinse off thoroughly. Then prep the floor with Concrete Floor Prep to etch the floor before painting. Next apply 2 coats of Floor paint with intervals of 2 to 4 hrs between coats. Depending on use, allow 24 to 48 hrs before handling.

Q: I have a very tiny walk-in closet. Because I rent, I do not want to spend a lot of money. There is a worn carpet in there which I want to pull out. Underneath is a cement/concrete floor (what is the difference?) I want a glossy cream – french look. What do I do? I don’t see the need for de-greasing, as this is inside a cupboard. Your help is appreciated. Thank you. P.S. What is the difference between the floor and stoep paint?


Please advise if the floor is wood-floated (rough) or steel-floated (smooth)? Once we know this, we can advise you further. Plascon Floor Paint is a water-based product and has a sheen finish. Plascon Stoep Enamel is a solvent-based product with a gloss finish.

The reason for degreasing is to remove all surface contaminants that might remain after the carpet and glue is removed. Please note that all the glue residue needs to be removed completely.

Q: I would like to know if Plascon has a product that one can stain paving with? Our paving was to have all been the same colour, but the batches never came to be the same.


Plascon used to make a brick and concrete stain but the colours were not always uniform due to the different shadings of bricks and pavers. This resulted in the product being discontinued and we unfortunately do not have any substitute.

Q: I need to know how I go about painting concrete floors from the start? I need info on primers and topcoats. Also, can one paint epoxy over oxide screeding? Do you have clear Epoxy 5lt, is it available?


Our floor paints can be tinted into their own range of colours. They also come in standard colours. We would have to know what sealers are currently on the floor before advising further.

Please contact our Care Centre on 0860 20 40 60 or email directly to so that we can supply you with product data sheets on the available products that can be used.

This will allow us to establish the exact condition of the floor in question and advise accordingly e.g. Factory Floors, Domestic Floors, light traffic, heavy traffic etc.

Plascon Products for Painting Concrete Floors

Brickseal-Painting-Concrete-Floors-DIYFloor-Paint-Painting-Concrete-Floors-DIY (1)Stoep-Enamel-Painting-Concrete-Floors-DIY


Q: What is the durability / life of both the Floor Paint and the Stoep Enamel for regular interior household use on steel floated floors?


The durability of Plascon Floor Paint and the Stoep Enamel is estimated at 2-3 years depending on the usage and amount of traffic the floor is exposed to.

Q: We have just put a brown oxide screed on our floor and I really do not like it. Is it possible to paint over this finish with a floor paint from Dulux?


Our Tech Services recommend using Plascon Floor Paint, which will provide you with a long-lasting finish. These are the steps required:

  1. Remove any wax or water-based curing agents used to aid curing of the concrete after casting.
  2. Degrease the surface by using Plascon Aquasolv Degreaser.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry for at least 48 hours until totally dry.
  4. For all smooth surfaces, particularly steel floated concrete, prime with one coat Plascon Concrete Floor Prep and allow it to dry for 8 hours.
  5. Apply 2 coats of Plascon Floor Paint with 4 hours drying time in between coats and at least 16 hours before it is exposed to foot traffic.

Q: I am about to start painting concrete floors. If durability is only 2-3 years, what do I do then? Do I have to go through the whole degreaser process again or can I just paint over it? Right now the floor a just oxide concrete but once it is painted, would I have to remove ALL the paint in 3 years to repaint it?


It really depends on yearly weather conditions (if outdoor) and the amount of traffic the floor receives.

If the coating is in a sound condition after 2 or 3 years, you will only need to wash it with a 

If you decide the floor needs a repaint then a light sanding will be needed and all the dust removed before applying 2 coats of the Plascon Floor Paint again.

Q: Hi please help!!! We have a brand new cretecote floor (2 days old) from Cemcrete, which has been sealed with Cemcrete concrete and colour hardener. The colour the floor came out is completely wrong. Can we paint over this with Plascon Floor Paint?


So sorry to hear about your poor floor – what a shlep!

Unfortunately because Cemcrete is not a Plascon product, it is very difficult for us to properly advise you. We suggest that you try contact Cemcrete to find out what coatings they recommend that will be compatible with the cretecote floor and the hardener that was applied.

Q: Is this product suitable for rough concrete floors? I.e. will it smoothen out the surface? Or should I first apply a self-leveling compound?


Please note that Plascon Floor Paint will not smooth out the surface. You will need to apply a screed with a steel float to ensure a smooth surface. Apply a coat of concrete etcher before application of floor paint.

Q: I have raw concrete palaside fencing in Durban. I want to give it a revamp. What’s the process?


Ensure that the surface is clean dry and sound, then apply one coat of 

Both the products come with a 7 year guarantee which needs to be registered within 30 days of purchase. We have also published the following step-by-step guide for 

Q: We have an older house. In our lounge I would love to paint the concrete. I lifted a corner today and found carpet tiles glued onto the cement layer under the carpet on top. I managed to get the carpet tile which is in long strips to lift quite easily when I pulled on it and found the concrete underneath is in good condition. Once I have removed all the carpets what can I use to remove the glue remaining and then what is the process I would need to follow before I paint the floor with Plascons Floor Paint?


Please contact Genkem on 011-226 0300 as they have products that you can use to get rid of the glue. Once the glue is removed and you have bare cement that is clean, dry and sound, here is the process to follow:

    Q: We moved into a new house. We had cement paving installed but the contractor messed the paving with cement and paint spots. He the offered to epoxy the cement paving which we agreed on. After two years now, the colour seem to fade and we wish to paint the paving. We are told that we can not paint but have to epoxy again. Do we use epoxy or do we use paint? If we epoxy, do you have a product?


    We unfortunately do not have any product at this stage that we can recommend for cement paving. Your best bet is to contact Tile & Floor Care on 011-822 6901 as they specialise in floor coatings and should be able to assist.