2016 Colour Design Awards: the runners-up

Oct 12, 2016

We take a look at the 2016 Colour Design Runners-up.
CDA00_Runners up

After announcing Shani Bijleveld as the winner of this year's Colour Design Awards, we take a look at the designs by the runners-up, Athena Strates and Janine de Bruin.


Nineteen-year-old Athena Strates, an interior design student at Cape Town’s Design Time School of Interior Design, decided to celebrate colour and diversity in another way. She chose Dominican-Grimley School for the Deaf in Hout Bay as the recipient of a makeover, suggesting a palette of calming pastels.


Dominican-Grimley School for the Deaf before.

AthenaAfter01-195x195“I chose this particular school for its architectural design,” explains Athena. “Because it’s a school for the deaf, the windows of the building are angled in a specific way to maximise light so as not to cast shadows over important visuals.” Consequently, the proposal places a lot of emphasis on colours that would contribute to an airy aesthetic to capture the students’ imagination. “I felt the students needed to be more visually stimulated as they enter the building, so took colour psychology into consideration, specifically in terms of how certain shades can enhance the mood and stimulate the mind.”Athena’s choice of calming colours include Plascon’s powdery blue-purple Quiet Peace (B3-D2-2), pinkish-brown Poppy Prose (R3-D2-2) and greige Organdy (Y3-C2-1).


A R5 000 cash prize, plus R5 000 for Athena’s educational institution, Design Time School of Interior Design.


AFTER: A palette of calm and ethereal hues were chosen to brighten the mood and awaken the minds of the students.


The final runner-up took us back to the ’80s with a South African spin on the postmodern Memphis design style. Janine proposed a revamp of the tertiary institution, Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Cape Town campus, using Plascon’s Connect palette from the 2016 Colour Forecast.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology's Cape Town campus before.

“The building and bridge are so prominent, yet appear quite dated and dull,”explains Janine. “A colour injection using Plascon’s Connect palette can help add vibrancy to the city and make it the talk of the town.” Memphis design is the clear inspiration behind Janine’s design intervention, with reference to punchy colours, geometrics and patterns. “It’s fresh, bold and exciting,” she asserts. A highlight of her design is the abstract rendering of two hands holding one another, which reflect one of the university’s core values of working together in the spirit of ubuntu. Plascon hues used by Janine included the vivid Golf Greens (G4-A1-1) and bright yellow Panorama Lights (Y4-A1-2).


AFTER: Postmodern Memphis design style with bold colours and pattern draw attention to an otherwise dull campus.

THE PRIZE A R5 000 cash prize, plus R5 000 for Janine’s educational institution, Design Time School of Interior Design.