Plascon Colour Harmonies: Orange Inspiration

Nov 18, 2015


Colour Harmonies – ORANGES Inspiration Brochure

The only possible follow-up to our blue inspiration post would be orange, which is the next colour focus in our series on the Plascon “Colour Harmonies” Inspiration Brochures.

If you’re not sure what I am referring to, you can watch the video clip interview of Anne Roselt in this post, where she discusses the rationale behind Colour Harmonies and the Inspiration Brochures that are now available in store.

Plascon ORANGES Colour Harmonies


Plascon is always looking for ways to make it easier for you to make your paint selections. Even better – now you no longer need to be a colour aficionado like Anne Roselt in order to harness the power of colour in your home! These guides make it really easy for individuals to create their own colour schemes & harmonies with our Plascon paints.


Colour Harmonies – ORANGES Inspiration Brochure


Colour Harmonies – ORANGES Inspiration Brochure


Colour Harmonies – ORANGES Inspiration Brochure


And once you’ve selected/created the colour harmony that works for your particular space, all that’s left to do is select which product(s) will be best-suited to the surfaces of the room in question and to achieve the desired effect you are looking for. Handily, we’ve included descriptions of our paints and products within the Plascon Inspiration Brochures:


So enjoy the orange combination which works for you – be it Layered Monochrome, Rich & Grounded, Calm & Neutral, or Calm & Complementary!


Colour Harmonies – ORANGES Inspiration Brochure