Colour of the Month December 2015 White

Dec 01, 2015

We are often drawn to white when we are seeking peace, tranquillity, and time to reflect on our life, so it is no wonder we are seeing so much of it around at this time.

A white room is a good space to restore your equilibrium; it also encourages us to open our mind to new ideas. But, an all-white room can be cold, boring and depressing; so to create warmth and interest be sure to add different shades and textures of white, like wool, pearl, linen, and bleached wood.

Furniture, objects and mouldings work well when painted in white because white makes them stand out. It’s also the favourite colour for skirtings, doors and ceilings.


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Pure white can have a glare to it, so consider using an off-white that goes with your scheme. There are so many to choose from. The white below has a warm taupe undertone; an off-white close to this is Plascon’s Worn Wood 20 from the Essential Collection.


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With greys being so popular, a grey white would be a good choice for a grey scheme, like Antique Petal 43 from the Plascon Essential Collection.


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A warm, cream white was used to add warmth to the scheme below – a similar look can be achieved using Coral Reef 9 from the Essential Collection.


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Here’s to the beginning of a happy, peaceful and tranquil festive month.