Colour of the Month March 2016 – Paris Paving

Mar 01, 2016

The Colour of the Month for March is a moody grey called Paris Paving (EC 53) from Plascon’s Essential Collection. Sophisticated, sleek and contemporary, this grey has been gaining a lot of momentum and can be used in almost every room of the home as well as exteriors.

Paris Paving is cool and solid, so create interest and mood by bringing in some lighter accents. White is the natural choice to add light and it really shows off the grey. Lighter tints of grey and white in different textures add to the mood; metallics will add some glamour.

Colour of the Month March 2016 – Paris Paving 1

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One of my favourite combinations at the moment is grey, white and inky blue. The blue velvet couch (above) is just perfection.

Paris Paving Colour Inspiration

Colour of the Month March 2016 – Paris Paving 2

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Use Paris Paving as a feature wall in a bedroom. Soften the look by adding dove-grey and white accessories and linen; light wood will add some warmth.

Colour of the Month March 2016 – Paris Paving 3

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For those of you with an artistic flair, you can create a wonderful mood in the bedroom by creating a cloud-like paint effect on the wall. To create depth, paint the wall with white Double Velvet first. Double Velvet is a non-porous paint, so when you do your wash over with a grey glaze, it will not soak up the paint as fast as some chalkier paints will do. One way to achieve this effect is to mix two glazes – around 1 litre each. One part Double Velvet paint in Paris Paving, one part Acrylic Scumble Glaze, and half a part of water. Scumble glaze will give the paint transparency so that the base colour will shine through; it also retards the drying time so you have time to move the paint around and blend it. Add more or less scumble to make the paint more or less transparent. For the lightest areas, mix some white paint with the grey. Start at the top with the lightest glaze using a brush to lay on the paint, but soften with a cloth to create the cloud effect. Work quickly so that the paint remains wet and moveable. Be sure to mix enough glaze to finish the whole wall.

If you can get a friend to help you, that’s first prize: one laying on the glaze and keeping a wet edge, and one blending with a cloth.

Colour of the Month March 2016 – Paris Paving 4

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A contemporary grey and white kitchen – so on trend right now.

Colour of the Month March 2016 – Paris Paving 5

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Give a cupboard a new look with Paris Paving. The paint I recommend here is Water-Based Velvaglo – a water-based enamel that needs no undercoat.

Colour of the Month March 2016 – Paris Paving 6

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Colour of the Month March 2016 – Paris Paving 7

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Paris Paving looks great painted on exteriors too, and can be tinted to either Micatex or Wall & All. Once again be sure to add contrast with some lighter colours. The warm wood tones give this home a much warmer and friendlier feel than if it was painted all grey.

Colour of the Month March 2016 – Paris Paving 8

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Create a contemporary entrance to your home by painting your front door. Notice the white trim which frames the door, as well as the green plants which tone down this look.

We would love to know what greys are your favourite, so please write and tell us?