Colour of the Month August 2017 Rooibos

Aug 01, 2017

Colour of the Month August 2017 Rooibos 1

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I’m sitting at the dining room table with the heater warming my frozen feet while I hold a steaming cup of Rooibos tea. The robust scent of my cuppa brings me to a current observation…

color of the month Aug-2017 02
 Rustic, clay-like colours are not only appearing in my garden, but also in serious designer showrooms. I recently visited the Kramerville Design district and noticed toasted shades of rust, ochre and a pinkish-burgundy emerging.

With this inspiration, and as we enter the late depths of winter, I was naturally drawn to the deep shade of Rooibos R6-C1-2 as the perfect choice for our Colour of the Month. The energy of this colour is activating, but not as overstimulating as a primary red colour.

In the décor world we have seen a change from cool and calm interiors to warm and inviting cosy spaces. From tiles to pots and wall colours, terracotta is leading the way as interior colours become more opulent and deeper. I attribute this to an inherent need to create spaces that have heart and soul in a progressively harsh world.

When it comes to current interior design trends, note that balance and moderation take precedence. So keep your spaces simple – just enough to express your identity, but without excess.

Colour of the Month August 2017 Rooibos 3

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Also use plants in your space, as they not only increase oxygen levels in your home by day, but certain plants have air purification qualities as well. Plants like the orchid and the snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) release oxygen during the night and help keep you healthy.

Colour of the Month August 2017 Rooibos 4

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I love to paint. It is my absolute passion. Below are examples of what the paint technique style I demonstrated to team House and Leisure could look like:

Colour of the Month August 2017 Rooibos 5

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This creative paint work might look daunting but it is an easy application if you know which products to use and in what order. If you are not up to experimenting and doing it yourself, a decorative painter is the correct person to approach.

If you are still undecided as to the paint-effect application, try using textured paint in a luxurious colour. Textured coatings in rich colours add depth and mood, making your environment comfortable and perfect for entertaining guests or an admirer.

Colour of the Month August 2017 Rooibos 6

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The latest look is homely but uncluttered. I used to be a hoarder and initially found it extremely difficult to declutter my home, until I realized how cathartic moderation feels.

Colour of the Month August 2017 Rooibos 7

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This fabulous clay-like colour will weave its way into the heart of your wardrobe and home this year – and most likely the next few years as well. These deeper colours are not about to become obsolete.

Colour of the Month August 2017 Rooibos 8

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We love to hear from you – let us know if you have introduced this colour into your home or wardrobe.