Colour of the Month October 2017 – Mellow Blue

Sep 28, 2017

Summer is in the air and what better colour to share with you than a soft breezy shade of ‘mellow’ blue. This hue brings to mind expansive open skies and endless oceans, creating a sense of calm and reprieve during these turbulent times.

Mellow Blue B4-C2-2 has an airy and serene sensuality that makes it an obvious choice for our October colour of the month.

It is a versatile colour that marries extremely well with most hues and works well in most environments.

Contrasting from the warm hues of Rooibos and Amadeus – our previous two colours of the month – this cool and refreshing hue can be used as an accent or base colour in most spaces.

It is a hue that can play many parts… A serene mood in a rest space, an edgy graphic in a contemporary workspace, or a contrasting breath of freshness against a dramatic backdrop. Wherever it appears, it brings a sense of stillness and calm.

Shades of Blue 

 Opening Ceremony in Tokyo. Image:

In this workspace/store (Opening Ceremony in Tokyo), you can see how marrying varying shades of blue with Mellow Blue works exceptionally well.

The collection of images below demonstrate just how versatile this beautiful hue is. By simply varying the shade and tones of soft blue you can create a serene and calming environment in your home and work space.


Following on from the Pantone colour combination, this duo of pink and blue hues is dynamic yet gentle. Alternatively, combine it with a coral red to add vibrant energy.



Images: Left: | Right:

Mellow Blue was chosen to be a part of our 2018 Colour Forecast and can be found in the ‘Exotic Euphoria’ colour palette.

‘Exotic Euphoria’ colour palette from the Plascon 2018 Colour Forecast.

We can’t help but be inspired by this eclectic colour story! The full 2018 Plascon Colour Forecast can be viewed here.

Lastly, take a look at the ‘What’s hot’ section in the latest issue (no. 25) of Plascon SPACES magazine to see how current and on-trend this soft shade of blue is.


Mellow Blue in the ‘What’s hot’ section of the Plascon SPACES magazine (Issue no. 25).