Colour of the Month February 2018 - Lover's Kiss

Feb 06, 2018
By Claire Bond, Plascon Stylist and Brand Ambassador

As we move into February, the month of love and endearment, I have introduced Lover’s Kiss R2-C1-4 and it is a great choice for our Colour of the Month.

Lover’s Kiss is a deep, delectable shade that is mature yet flirty and guaranteed to bring back nostalgic moments of your memorable holiday – just in time to seduce your Valentine.

Nostalgia of the Past – Ice Cream Days

There’s something about this specific shade that is more mature than the cliché ‘pretty pinks’ adored by so many children.

COTM Feb 2018 - 01

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Perhaps you are finding being back at work has turned your life upside down? Experiment with a more rowdy, deeper pink as they have done in this image:



In Colour Psychology, studies around darker pinks show that it can be effective in neutralising disorder. Perhaps this colour will help introduce that work-life balance we spend our life trying to achieve.

Paint doesn’t have to be inert. To give a wall texture and a truly individual look, get creative with how you apply your colour. In the image (above) a deeper accent colour has been dragged over the top of a lighter base colour using a dry-brush paint effect.

Pink is no longer just for nurseries. Today, tints and shades of this colour are perfect for every room in the house, from living rooms to kitchens as well as retailers. For example, take a look at this bakery in Paris:

COTM Feb 2018 - 03

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"We're seeing a shift toward design that is more casual overall and spaces that are focused on experience rather than aesthetics . . . It will be much more hybridized, and we'll begin to see—and already are to some extent—hospitality and restaurant design infiltrating all different sectors, from fashion to retail, office, and beyond.” (Design firm AvroKO)

Food Follows Fashion, but it also creates its own type of fashion, which uses colour to enhance your eating experience and influence your state of mind, which is not that different from using a wall colour to enhance your mood.

COTM Feb 2018 - 04

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‘Maximilism’ is back and consumers embracing a minimalist aesthetic will notice a backlash to uncluttered style. Consumers want to express themselves, and maximalism allows them to do that.

COTM Feb 2018 - 05

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COTM Feb 2018 - 062017 was an empowering year for women to speak their truth. Notably, the #metoo movement impacted fashion trends that we will see coming through this year. Women are looking for clothing that expresses their confidence, and pantsuits and power suits were seen first at the Milan Fashion week and then later also on the ramps in Paris. If you are looking for a softer touch to bring into your wardrobe as well as your home, then look to velvet; this fabric will be popular for both winter and summer.

COTM Feb 2018 - 07

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WGSN’s Allyson Rees predicts that tactile fabrics such as velvet and enveloping silhouettes will continue to grow in popularity in 2018. Says Rees: "I imagine everyone around the world is looking for extra comfort and reassurance... The home is a safe haven in a world that is so politically and ecologically turbulent."

COTM Feb 2018 - 08

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Our Valentine colour of the month, Lover’s Kiss is glamorous, flirty, whimsical, daring, enticing and creative. It looks stunning combined with many of our 2018 Forecast colours. Combine it with Glorious Gold Y4-B1-3 or Storm Cloud B4-C1-1 or Beijing Moon 63.