Our Colour of the Month for April 2018 is Tuscan Wall

Apr 02, 2018
By Zurita Moore, Plascon Digital & PR Manager

As we shift into our first change of season for 2018, a quote by Albert Camus comes to mind: "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

I have a few trees outside my window at work, and here and there I can start to see the yellowing of the leaves. The evenings are cooler as well – leaving no doubt that autumn has arrived.

Inspired by these first stirrings of seasonal transformation, I chose this lovely autumn yellow, Tuscan Wall (Y1-B1-2), for our colour of the month.

To add warmth and coziness to your home, introduce some of this rich, opulent yellow into your décor, a feature wall, or even a whole room.

Tuscan Wall 01
IMAGES | From left to right: bohemianwornest.tumblr.com | Plascon Inspired Colour Swatch | apartmenttherapy.com

Tuscan Wall is an incredibly versatile colour that is complemented beautifully by deeper tones of blues and greens as well as dark wood with fresh turquoise. It creates an elegant match with our March colour of the month, Caribbean Current (see image on the left above).

Yellow is not only the brightest colour in the visible spectrum, it is also the most noticeable to the human eye. In terms of moods, it brings optimism, happiness, creativity and fun! Who does not want all of this in the chillier winter months.

Tuscan Wall 02
IMAGES | Top left: etsy.com | Top right: Parker Knoll Statesman Chair, Pinterest | Bottom: muuto 'around' coffee table, things-i-love.nl

I have just moved into a new home and the first thing I contemplated was how to transition my all-white bedroom into a more cozy space for autumn and then winter. Here are a few ideas that I’ve picked up:

Tuscan Wall 03
IMAGES | Top left: SfGIRL, sfgirlbybay.com | Top right: cocolapinedesign.com | Bottom left: Pinterest | Bottom centre: Pinterest | Bottom right: Pinterest

While looking at bedrooms I also came across some ideas for more permanent displays of yellow:


Tuscan Wall 04
IMAGES | Left: decorpad.com | Top middle: Pinterest | Top right: Photography by leemconcepts.blogspot.nl, Source: domino.com| Bottom middle: apartmenttherapy.com | Bottom right: Pinterest


Tuscan Wall 05
IMAGES | From left to right: theguardian.com | skonahem.com | Pinterest

And last but not least, something fabulous to feast your eyes on. I hope to one day own one of these little beauties in the exact same colour! :)

Tuscan Wall 06
IMAGES | From left to right: Pinterest | Pinterest

Tuscan Wall features in our 2018 Colour Forecast as part of colour story three, Craft Spirit. In celebration of our world of infinite inspiration through connection, Craft Spirit pays tribute to rich global influences. We all have a link back to the crafted works of the past; rediscovering and remixing this is key today.

Share your thoughts with us on this rich, comforting colour and show us how you incorporated it in your space.