Blue set to be favourite car colour in 2018!

Jun 18, 2018

Blue cars could become a more common sight on the roads in 2018 as industry experts predict the colour will be a key trend.

But the increase in blue cars will be a result of car makers’ strategies rather than consumer preference. When white became the most popular choice for cars, manufacturers lost revenue from metallic paints. As a result, some began charging for solid white and some funders reduced the residual value on solid paint cars – making them more expensive on a monthly basis.

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Research shows that people who choose cars that are light to mid blue are calm, faithful, true; Dark blue: Confident, credible, authoritative. It’s probably safe to trust the driver of a blue car, no matter what the shade, though there is a distinct different between light and dark hues.

Light-to-mid blue is always considered cool to the touch, cool to the eye. Those who drive this shade like the coldness of it in the metal. And they’re the kind of people who have a calm demeanor to the point of really being unshakable. They’re very faithful.This is the kind of person that if it’s your friend, they’re going to be your friend forever.”

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The drivers of blue cars are said to be reliable and trustworthy. “Blue makes you think of the sea and clear skies. On cars it is the choice of people who are quiet and very wary of all the hysteria around them. Blue is not an emotional colour.  It is for people who are intellectual, sensible and like to think things through.

The dark blues are much more confident, the drivers like being credible, an authority figure.

‘Blue is the colour’, according to AA members as it has overtaken silver as the most popular car colour choice. These AA Cars survey results come from an AA  Populus poll of 25,810 drivers.

AA members’ top choice of car colour for their next car was blue (21%) followed closely by silver (19%), black (18%) and red (14%).The top choices for members aged 18-24  were black (29%), blue (17%) and white (15%). Those aged 65 and over, however, chose silver (24%), blue (20%) and red (15%).

automobile-automotive-blue-166680 Photo by Mikes Photos from Pexels_1
Image credit: Mikes Photos from Pexels

Maintenance for light blue cars are at a half-way point between what many would call the boring colors of the light paints, and still a level of visual excitement. Light blue colours represents what most people would call a chick colour. One of the many colours most people would consider the winning combination of the pros and cons.

  • Not too light, not too dark
  • Easy on the care and maintenance side
  • Easy on heat build-up of UV lighting

Maintenance of dark blue metallic cars are almost as close to managing a black coloured car, which is difficult and frustrating.

Dark blue metallic cars will not reach the surface temperature that black will sitting in the sun soaking up all those UV rays, but close! Still very dramatic visually and definitely will cause that good emotional reaction with people.

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Author:Bavita Valab