Colour of the Month July 2018 - Hot n Spicy

Jul 02, 2018
By Claire Bond, Plascon Stylist and Brand Ambassador

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Our Colour of the Month, Hot n Spicy R6-B1-1 from the 2018 Colour Forecast, reflects the winds of global change. Its dynamic energy propels us forward and helps us gather momentum in order to pave a new way into the future.

As a teenager I wore a red jersey; it went everywhere with me no matter the occasion. The 30-year-old me was still mad about red, but not so much in my 40s. I needed the balancing energy of green to help me juggle motherhood and a corporate career. A decade later I have reverted back to my crush: life affirming, vibrant, break-with-convention red.

Hot n Spicy 01


The Pantone Color Institute has predicted various colour palettes that will be used in our homes, in fashion and in food in 2019.

Our Hi Glo palette features these colours, which are bound to tempt the eye. In order to play with personal expression consider using hot and spicy reds, flamingo pinks and rich purples.

Allusions to 'fetish foods' – such as peppers and chocolate – are tempered by the warmth of neutral ochre shades and grassy greens.

Cozy up your home for winter with bright-red statement furniture pieces and bask in the opulence of maximalist joy!

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While away on business last year, I had the pleasure of experiencing this visual feast of colour, these bright red walls, at one of South Africa's oldest wine farms, Spier.

The owners recently upgraded the restaurant, bar and lounge and anyone who has spent time in this incredible room will know how it feels to be enveloped in its warm cozy glow.

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I have noticed a movement where a return to classic paint treatments – painting all rooms in one colour and leaving the cornices, ceilings and doors in white – is regaining popularity.

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A splash of red makes for a playful yet sophisticated kitchen; it's also said to increase appetite.

Modern-day, open-plan living has made our kitchen the heart of the home. To give your room more soul consider painting the legs of a chair in stripes or paint a quirky striped ceiling or stenciled floor.

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If you are not courageous, and the idea of red painted walls feels completely over the top, why not consider adding red accents to your décor scheme?

Perhaps you are more decorator than DIY guru, in which case hang a bold work of art as a focal point, or enjoy a bit of retail therapy and use a kelim or afghan rug to warm up your floor space.

Nowadays the kitchen is where all the action happens, friends and family gather there to share weekend stories, catch up on hot gossip and a share a slow-cooked meal.

We challenge you to add a touch of red and invite those friends whose invitation from you is long overdue.

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Reds are perfect for a playful and sophisticated look.

In the above image, British clothing designer Mathew Williamson combines blue and red effortlessly. Williamson, who recently crossed over into interior design, says it was a natural progression: "I've always been fascinated with people's homes as well as their clothes – and really this approach of lifestyle. I've always thought that a lady that buys one of my dresses probably has a very lovely home, and she's probably as concerned with her pillows as she is with her outfit."

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In the designer's words; "Colour on clothing, just like in homes, changes people’s mood, and therefore, I think perhaps everyone should be a little bit bolder with their colour choice." For the colour averse, he recommends starting small: "Don't necessarily paint your walls pink, but maybe paint your doorframes pink. I think that gives a home a unique quality."

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This spectacular home in Johannesburg South Africa uses the drama of red as a feature wall.

Hot n Spicy 10

The power of red, even in small touches, is well proven; paired with natural neutrals it brings a space to life.

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We dare you to paint your courtyard. It's a brave move but the result will be spectacular.

There are many different shades of red in our Plascon Inspired Fan Deck. Each hue has its own unique feeling – so choose the one that's right for your space.

We recommend our exterior product, Plascon Wall & All from our Premium Range, which is durable and does not fade. Please log a guarantee with our call centre
0860 20 40 60.

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Red is bold. Done right, it can be dramatic, happy and lively. Done wrong, it can be aggravating or overly stimulating.

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Red has been shown to increase appetite in most people – one of the reasons that many restaurants choose to use red paint and red patterns in their dining rooms.

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We all know that health is the new wealth, so add a wall of colour to motivate burning those calories. But while it might make sense to use red paint in a workout room, it could overdo the sensation of feeling hot so do take care if you have high blood pressure.

Hot n Spicy 16


The above colour story is wildly divergent and very French. The uplifting feel-good red hue combined with classic grey cools the space and renders it timeless.

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The pom-pom detail adds interest to the red bed cover and is a trend to look out for.

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My experience as a colour specifier and colour therapist has undoubtedly proved to me that painted colour is a powerful tool that can be used to inspire emotions, create optical illusions and change the atmosphere of a space.

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Healthy teenagers are naturally attracted to bright colours; my colour therapy experience has taught me that a confident and happy teenager is not afraid to use red.

Our Plascon Velvaglo Water-Based Enamel is an excellent choice if you and your teen want to spend some quality time together painting and reinventing a room and its furniture. Do use the correct primer before applying a coat of red. For example if your substrate is mild steel, apply Plascon Metal Primer MWP 1.

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The goal of this blog is to inspire you to enjoy creative courage. Stop following the herd and create a 'wow' space that is Instagramable.

There is no turning back. We would love to see how you use red. :-)