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Aug 06, 2018

Could there be anything more beautiful than a shiny Hot n Spicy sports car? We think not. July’s Plascon colour of the month is Hot-n-Spicy and there is no better way to pay tribute to the automotive industry greats than talking about this iconic colour.
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The colour red has been so important to automotive history that it was, in fact, the first colour offered by Henry Ford after black. Since then, the industry has seen million shades ranging from near orange to maroon purple. There are so many shades of red for cars that many of the more recent red pearls and metallics could easily be mistaken for black at some angles.

Red has seen an increase in global popularity in recent years, though it’s still far behind the conservative choices of black, white, and every shade of gray in between.

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Do you drive a red car? Here is what it says about you!

Red is associated with passion, desire, energy and determination. Red is a colour which stands out and it can also imply danger. It could suggest that somebody is extroverted, not shy and that they like attention and being noticed, possibly an attention seeker. It could also mean somebody wants to appear more attractive, they care a great deal about their appearance. Displaying red maybe an expression of having high energy levels and being physically capable. Perhaps looking to intimidate others red car owners probably have a competitive nature. It would suggest a person places high value on expressing themselves. An introverted, reserved and inward thinking person may choose a red car because it is perceived to be the most visible. Research have shown though that black and red cars are the most likely to be in an accident.

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The one myth that we can bust though is that the owners of red cars pay more for their insurance. It can also not be proven that red cars unfairly get more speeding tickets. What is a fact though is that red cars are most “targeted” by our feathered friends. Dark Red represents less aggressive and energetic, more controlled and thoughtful. It also links to willpower and courage, whilst light red represents the less serious, more playful and sensitive.

Red certainly creates a strong emotional reaction from people and seems most appropriate on sports cars as a rule. Red is also one of the most expensive toners within automotive paint.

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Finally, here are some fun facts to remember: **

  • You will spend an average of 300 hours -a whole two weeks - waiting at red traffic lights…. make it count. 😊
  • The Ford Model T Is the Most Popular Car in History - In 1916, the Ford Model T held 55 percent of the automotive market share. No other automaker has ever come close to breaking that record.
  • The First Speeding Ticket Was Issued in 1904 - That distinction belongs to Harry Myers of Dayton, Ohio, who received the world's first ticket in 1904 for going 12 miles per hour through town.
  • Leonardo da Vinci Designed the First Car - Although cars didn't become popular until the beginning of the 20th century, they were invented much earlier. The first working automobiles were invented in the late 1800s, but Leonardo da Vinci created drawings for a self-propelled vehicle around 1478. No one knows if a prototype was ever made, but these drawings represent the first known conception of the automobile.

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