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Bring the outside in with Plascon's Starlight Express

Nov 07, 2016
Bring the outside in with Starlight Express


Evoke the feeling of bathing in an old, overgrown ruin in the jungle by bringing the outside in with Plascon’s Starlight Express and hanging plants aplenty.

Bring the outside in with Plascon's Starlight Express


● Paint the walls using Plascon Waterbased Velvaglo Starlight Express (Y5-E1-3).

● Incorporate your favourite botanical prints. The prints on the wall are by 19th century English botanist Anna Atkins and downloaded free of charge from the image archive of the New York Library (

● Go for greenery that thrives in a damp environment and plants that will grow over and obscure their containers, making them appear suspended in mid-air.

● Create additional focal points in the bathroom with accessories in wicker and copper.

Bring the outside in with Plascon's Starlight Express

Pictured above: Omina freestanding bath and Vola freestanding tap, both Still Bathrooms. Hanging lamps and Evolution throw/curtain, all La Grange Interiors. Round copper table, Stable. Round black wire table, La Grange Interiors. Spice bottle and green pot on floor, both La Grange Interiors. Copper faceted stool, Weylandts. Planters and plants, all Stark Ayres. Oval glass dome with wooden base and green vase, both Loft Living. Soap, Victorian Bathrooms. Sponge, Sven Craft mortar and pestle, Wiid Design candlestick, NYKS copper pitcher with plant on floor and Notation faceted planter in window, all Indigenous.

Featured image: Plascon colours, from bottom left to top right: Black Bean (EC 71), Copper (DRM 2), Red Wine (R1-D1-1), (Nautilous B6-D1-1) and Starlight Express (Y5-E1-3). Ambre eau de toilette and soap, both Victorian Bathrooms. Sponge and NYKS copper pitcher, both Indigenous.