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This revitalising shade of green will change your life

Apr 20, 2017

Pantone's Colour of the Year 2017, Greenery, has awakened the world to its revitalising qualities. Take a breath and be inspired to use Plascon's symbolic yellow-green counterpart, Green Heart, in your home.


Headboard and walls painted in Plascon Cashmere Green Heart (Y7-B1-2).

Wall painted in Plascon Cashmere Vancouver Dusk (P2-D1-2). Heerengracht collage, Karen Stewart. Occasional table, Créma Design. Blue vase, La Grange. Other vases, stylist's own.

Green's association with nature makes it a life-affirming shade. On the walls, a vivid green panel is enhanced by neutral grey and deep aubergine.

Back wall painted in Plascon Cashmere Vancouver Dusk (P2-D1-2). 70/70 table, Créma Design. Front wall painted in Plascon Cashmere Light Grey Aluminium (EC 44) with a band in Green Heart (Y7-B1-2). Heerengracht collage, Karen Stewart. Sofas, Cushions, Evolution Product. Bella coffee table, Créma Design. Stool, Weylandts. Standing lamp, La Grange. Quill rugs, Créma Design.

Plascon paints, from left to right: Lime Miss (Y6-A1-2), Kiwi Salad (Y7-A1-2), Green Heart (Y7-B1-2), Chic Shade (G1-C1-3), Mulberry Leaf (G1-C1-1) and Majestic Mountain (G2-D1-1). Background painted in Tribecca Corner (EC 48).

A rosy wall, zesty green headboard and a polaroid gallery of happy memories create the perfect pre-teen haven. A happy pink hue like this one not only works well with green, but lifts spirits and boosts self-esteem.

Wall painted in Plascon Cashmere Turkey Dimple (R1-A1-4) and headboard painted in Plascon Cashmere Green Heart (Y7-B1-2). Pillows and fabric, Isobel Sippel.

Walls painted in Plascon Cashmere Space Box (B6-B2-2) with a stripe in Plascon Cashmere Green Heart (Y7-B1-2). 70/70 table, Créma Design. Replica Hay chair on wooden sled frame, Chair Crazy. Dish cloth, Hemelhuijs. Clock, wooden board, bowls and glass jug, all from Country Road.

Introduce the calming benefits wall-to-wall with green on green or as an accent colour.

Walls and inside of wardrobe painted in Plascon Cashmere Ridge (G5-E1-3). Wardrobe exterior painted in Plascon Velvaglo Kiwi Salad (Y7-A1-2). Stockholm tree hooks, Pedersen and Lennard. Crochet stool and rug, Moonbasket. Occasional table, Créma Design. Sofa,