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How to create splattered wall art

Feb 05, 2018

Bring nature indoors with the Plascon Forecast 2018 Exotic Euphoria theme, which sees colour combinations that enhance one another and bring an electric energy into living spaces.

Splattered Wall Art

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  • Plascon Polvin in Glorious Gold (Y4-B1-3)
  • Plascon Easy Living Wall Master Matt in Fuscia Fizz (R2-A1-1)
  • Roller
  • Ice-cream tub (or similar)
  • 75–100mm long-haired paintbrush
  • Wooden rod or broom handle

Splattered Wall Art 1

IMAGE CREDITS | Plascon Spaces Magazine


2 – 3 hours




  1. Paint two coats of Glorious Gold on the wall with the roller.
  2. Once the wall has dried, decant some Fuscia Fizz into the ice-cream tub and dilute with 10% water. If it’s too watery the paint will run.
  3. Dip the brush into the paint and knock the brush’s handle against the rod to splatter the wall. You can always paint over certain areas if you don’t like the splatter effect.

 Splattered Wall Art 2 
IMAGE CREDITS | Plascon Spaces Magazine


EASY LIVING WALL MASTER MATT: An all-round interior and exterior paint with excellent spreadability.

Splattered Wall Art 3



Keep a wet cloth at hand to wipe off mistakes, and consider first trying it out on an upright piece of board or the garage wall to hone your technique.