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Step inside the beautiful Plascon Spaces Showroom

Feb 13, 2018

Choosing paint colours can be a daunting prospect, but the assistance of the knowledgeable team at the Plascon Spaces Showroom can make all the difference.

In 2005, Plascon opened an industry-leading showroom in Johannesburg, the first of its kind to offer a multisensory environment for customers to fully experience its paint. More than a decade later the showroom has moved premises and evolved, but the concept has remained the same. It’s one that reflects the ethos of Spaces magazine, too: to offer a beautifully designed, inspiring yet practical interaction with colour.

The Plascon Spaces Showroom is located at the trendy Design Quarter in Fourways. Here, you can come with a specific project in mind or simply to be stimulated. Browse the colour library of decor and design glossies or the extensive range of books to help with the creative process, or chat to a professionally trained Colour Consultant, like Nosipho Ngcobo or Neo Moshomane, who are on hand to assist and advise you. “My job is to help clients choose paint colours and assess the correct paint products to use,” says Nosipho, who assists over the phone, via email and on the showroom floor. “In a nutshell,” says Neo, “I simplify the difficult process of choosing colour. I love interacting with customers and problem solving; the whole process gives me great satisfaction.”

The beautiful showroom space, complete with coffee station, studio and regularly changing interactive displays, offers an immersive, inspiring environment to see colour come to life. 

Plascon Spaces Showroom 1

1) Colour Consultant Nosipho Ngcobo walks past one of the many painted artworks in the Plascon Spaces Showroom on her way back to her workstation in the consultants’ design area after having assisted a client with colour advice. The walls are all painted with Plascon Cashmere Interior Plush Matt.

Plascon Spaces Showroom 2

2) The Colour Café is the Showroom’s point of sale. It also houses the tinting machine where your Colour Consultant will tint the sample pots of paint in the colours he or she has recommended. The chairs have been painted with Plascon Water-based Velvaglo in Geneva Morn (EC 51) from the Essential Collection.

Plascon Spaces Showroom 3

3) Colour Consultant Lungile Mtshali at the colour display unit where glass jars have been spray-painted on the inside with various paint colours.

Plascon Spaces Showroom 4

4) A close-up of the clock in the coffee area behind her. The walls have been painted with Plascon Cashmere in the pinkish Sandy Lane (O1-B1-4) and Light Stone (EC 68).

Plascon Spaces Showroom 5

5) An ever changing display of ideas, trends and inspiration. The wall and cabinet were painted with Plascon Plascosafe in Money Tree (Y4-C1-3) at the bottom and Mandarin Tusk (EC 49) above it.

Plascon Spaces Showroom 6

6) This display depicts the diversity in South African culture and colour. Plascon Cashmere Plush Matt was used: from left, Ridge (G5-E1-3), Petite White (G3-E2-3) and Misty Dawn (EC 55) were blended to create an ombré effect.

Plascon Spaces Showroom 7

IMAGE CREDITS | Marijke Willems

7) Events and Showroom Coordinator Patty Mulauzi stands in front of a paint-effects artwork in the Showroom. Here, the paint is Plascon Cashmere Plush Matt, and Terraco Handycoat EZ Skim was used to create the embossed effect. The colours are Light Stone (EC 68), Cabana (G6-A1-2), Subtle Shadow (B2-E1-2) and Ridge (G5-E1-3), with some Metallic Silver from the Designer Collection.

Take a tour of the beautiful Plascon Spaces Showroom