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Uganda's biggest paint company is now called Kansai Plascon

Let's start by quoting an African saying :

"If you want to go quickly, go alone, if you want to go far, go together"

This is a saying that Kansai Paint has taken to heart as we expand our presence on the African continent. With any journey that you embark on, you need to know whom you are traveling with.

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To be the number one coatings company in the world in 10 years.

Kansai Paint Profile

Founded in 1918, Kansai Paint today is the leading paint company in Japan and a top 10 global paint company. With 51 operations globally, Kansai Paint employs more than 10000 employees worldwide.

Kansai Paint shapes the industry through innovation and has world class Research and Development facilities in Japan, India and South Africa, enhancing our Decorative brand leadership by continuously driving innovation and excellence in the markets our products serve.

Our product offering

It is only a name change. Our paints still remain the same quality products that you have trusted for the past 55 years.



Colour and Inspiration

Our yearly Colour Forecasts are always much anticipated. We have recently launched our 2018 Colour Forecast.

  • Automotive coatings are classified as coatings for new cars used by auto manufactures
  • Automotive refinish paints used in auto body shops
  • Decorative coatings include coatings to protect structures such as:
  • residential houses and buildings from deterioration
  • classified as interior or exterior and for new buildings or for repairs

Industrial coatings are used with a wide range of industrial products, including

  • construction vehicles
  • machines and agricultural equipment
  • home electronics
  • various types of building materials

This area encompasses marine coatings used with marine structures to provide long-term protection from corrosion for steel structures and protective coatings for land



Our Visualizer app is available as a free download on your mobile device. Also try our fun SwatchIt app. It allows you to upload an image with colours you like, and it will be instantly matched to Plascon colours.