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FAQ about Plascon Uganda

Why not stay with the Sadolin name if the business has been bought?
Sadolin is a trade name that belongs to our previous owners. Following the acquisition, the business has had to change to Plascon. The people, paint and company remain the same you’ve come to trust over the last 55 years in Uganda. 
Will prices go up?

Prices will not be going up at this stage but like all products if raw materials or exchange rates are affected then prices will have to change, this could mean going up or down but for now we have no plans for price increases.

Why aren’t you mentioning Sadolin?

Sadolin is a trade name that belongs to our previous owners, the Plascon brand is one that Kansai Plascon uses across the African continent and we will be growing that brand.


Shall we get the same quality as the former products?

Absolutely! The products that you have come to love and trust in Uganda will continue to be available. Quality has always been a cornerstone of our business and this will not change. 

Will you be marketing the new name across the country?
Yes we will. Currently there are television, radio, newspaper and billboard  ads running as well as activations in towns.