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Plascon join FNB Wines2Whales sponsor Family (002)
30 Oct 2018

South Africa's premier paint manufacturer Plascon has nailed its formidable set of products to the FNB Wines2Whales mast. The 128-year-old industry leader has joined the three-day stage race's sponsor family and is already planning on brightening up the event.

"They've only just come on board and already they are going to be painting one of our creches along the route and our trail builders' house in Grabouw," says FNB Wines2Whales Managing Director Michael Flinn. "It is great having a company of Plascon's standing on board the country's foremost three-day stage race and we are excited about the contribution they are going to make."

The painting of the Kammaland Creche and the Cape Trails house will mark the first of a three-year partnership in which Plascon will "paint the route" - paint buildings along it, donate paint to communities and assist  locals to improve their skills - and possibly help them launch a painting career.

Plascon's Director Group Marketing and Sales, Alan Cotton  explains that education is at the heart of Plascon's initiatives: "With our passion for and commitment to educating our country's youth, we've come up with an idea that sets out to demonstrate one simple thing - that with a single Plascon product, you can make any space a classroom - Plascon Classrooms Anywhere! We're going to use our paint on any, and every suitable surface surrounding rural schools and communities. It's the perfect opportunity to take learning out of dark and broken-down classrooms to more inspiring and suitable spaces. Allowing teachers to reach more pupils, in environments which are lighter, more ventilated and more conducive to learning.

He  adds: "Plascon is a South African company, where the root cause of many social and economic issues in SA are born from the lack of proper education.  It is only through education that we are able to improve ourselves. At the heart of this also lies the power of passing down knowledge from one generation to the next. Because we believe in the power of education, we believe we should be playing our part in educating the country's youth. To this end, we have created a platform that allows us to do just that. It's about putting our money where our products are, and proving that if it is a Plascon product, no matter the category, it changes lives.

Flinn responds: "It is a priority of the FNB Wines2Whales to leave a legacy along its route. This partnership with Plascon gives us the perfect platform to do just that. It is going to be wonderful working alongside their great team."