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Because home is where our
most heartfelt stories unfold

Double Velvet

Plascon Double Velvet

Because home is where our most heartfelt stories unfold.


Plascon DOUBLE VELVET epitomises Designed for Life through its mood enhancing presence in that comforting place we call home. What better way to nurture memories and celebrate milestones than with its luxurious, easy-to-clean, velvet sheen finish? Designed to be there as your family experience and grow, Double Velvet is low odour due to its Breatheasy formulation which means your loved ones can sleep soundly in a room that has been painted the same day. Washable and stain resistant, Double Velvet is not only gentle for the family, it's also kind to the earth due to its unique environmentally friendly formulation.

Plascon Cashmere

If a wardrobe can express a person’s individuality, why not also the paint in their home?


Certainly not your average veneer, Plascon CASHMERE oozes style and taste. Meticulously crafted as one would a designer garment, Cashmere evokes feelings of unbridled, contemporary creativity.


Specifically aimed at those who prize their individuality, Cashmere inspires in its bespoke and luxurious shades. Always on-trend, it's the perfect accompaniment to modern, aesthetic living. After all, like the objects that one brings into the home do not simply reflect one's character; they have the power to directly mould it as well.


Cashmere is the sophisticated extension of an individual, a vibrant expression of confidence.


Plascon Velvaglo Water Based

Because some homes need to mix the practical with beautiful.


Your home is not merely an investment, it's a place where your family share memories, feel sheltered and grow. Water Based Plascon VELVAGLO Non-Drip Enamel is the perfect addition to this nurturing environment.


Ideal for covering multiple areas in your home, tough and resilient Water Based Velvaglo is fast drying and contains a primer for ease of application.


Alluring in beautiful bold colours, it's also more eco-friendly than solvent based enamels, non-toxic and virtually odourless. Water Based Velvaglo is easy to apply and clean, making it the ideal choice to turn hardwearing areas into welcoming and stylish multi-functional spaces.

Plascon Nuroof Cool

We protect the roofs that protect families.


We all know the saying "of putting a roof over your head and those of your loved ones" which is why Plascon NUROOF COOL is a vital component for the maintenance of your home. Robust yet stylish, Nuroof Cool provides ultimate protection against the elements.


With a total solar reflectance of up to 30% (depending on colour), it could reduce the roof temperature by up to 10°C and the temperature within the home by up to 8°C.


And as we know, cooler roofs mean longer lasting colour and cooler homes translate into reduced electricity consumption. Resilient, easy-to-use and practical, Nuroof Cool protection never felt this good.

Wall & All

Plascon Wall & All

The perfect gift wrap for perfect homes.


Thanks to Plascon Wall & All, exterior protection, versatility and stylish sophistication have all been combined into one neat package.


Wall & All comes in a luxurious low sheen finish with dirt barrier properties that helps maintain the appearance of the exterior of your home for years to come. A hard-working, high-performance paint, Wall & All is a maintenance investment worthy of any home.

Plascon Woodcare

As close to being nurturing as Mother Nature herself.


Inspired by nature, Plascon WOODCARE literally breathes life back into wood.


Enhancing its natural colours, Plascon Woodcare also protects and conditions all the wood in your home. Quick drying and non-hazardous, it's the perfect solution for anyone looking to repair, renew and maintain their wooden surfaces. With built-in UV stabilisers and dry film biocides, Plascon Woodcare is ideal for outdoor applications, providing long lasting service and weather protection. Available in a range of functional and easy-to-use variants, Woodcare is resistant to stains and repels moisture from penetrating the coating. It's the ultimate luxury that you can apply to any wooden finish.


The new Water Based Plascon Woodcare range can now be tinted in a range of 20 fashionable colours directly from the Plascon Inspired Colour tinting system, allowing you to create your own unique wooden furniture. Wood is hard to care for which is why we have diligently applied ourselves to develop products that bring it back to life. It's part of our ongoing dedication to improvement which we call Designed for Life.



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