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Plascon is proud to unveil its new MINING ENAMEL range. As the name suggests, this high quality, alkyd based, gloss enamel range has been specifically developed for the mining industry. Used as a decorative and protective finish on interior and exterior mild steel, galvanized steel, timber and masonry, Plascon Mining Enamel may be over coated by itself or other alkyd based systems. Formulated lead free, it dries quickly to a tough, durable finish, providing weather resistance and a smooth, glossy finish. Providing bright and impossible to ignore cautionary signs, Plascon Mining Enamel is an essential ingredient in ensuring the safety of our country’s miners - the lifeblood of our economy.

PACK SIZES AVAILABLE: 5L in white, black, medium yellow, signal red and brilliant green.

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tint bases is an automatic tinting solution for acid-catalysed lacquers.It gives distributors and furniture manufacturers a full colour solution for interior wood and panelling. It is a fast drying product and has a final finish that is tough and mar resistant. Our ability to offer a full tinting system to the wood market which tints accurate colour in minutes is revolutionary in the South African market


Prochroma tinting provides the ability to tint the Plascolac tint bases to any colour chosen from the following Fandecks:



  • British Standards
  • RAL
  • SANS
  • SABS
  • Plascon Inspired


By adding colour to wood, Plascon's automatic colour solution helps you offer a better and more consistent product to your customers.

Once more Plascon proves its commitment

to the improvement of people’s lives with the introduction of two new additions to its Road Marking range: THERMOPLASTIC AND COLD CURE SCREED, both being ultra-high performance coatings.


The single pack, solvent free Thermoplastic Coating Solution offers higher durability and better reflectivity than traditional road marking coatings. This high performance road marking coating ensures*:


  • Excellent adhesion on suitably prepared surfaces
  • Good durability and resistance to abrasion
  • Good night visibility and skid resistance
  • A lead free solution


* Suitable for specialised spray application only. Plascon’s Thermoplastic Coating is used mostly for the marking of lines. It can also be used to create a “sound effect” (rubble strips) to alert drivers that they are crossing the line as it can be thickly and densely applied.

The high performance COLD CURE COATING

is recommended for use on surfaces requiring good durability and good reflectance. It ensures:



  • Excellent adhesion on suitably prepared surfaces
  • Good durability and resistance to abrasion and weathering
  • Brush, roller and screed applications
  • Good night time visibility
  • A lead free formulation



Plascon's Cold Cure Coating is used predominantly to paint traffic signs on the road surface, e.g. stop, turning arrows, pedestrian crossings, etc. With the introduction of these two new products, Plascon now has a full offering for the Road Marking Industry across all performance bands.


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