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RemovALL High Strength Cleaner & Degreaser

Plascon RemovALL™ High Strength Cleaner & Degreaser is a heavy duty citrus-based cleaner that is biodegradable, user-friendly and environmentally aware

Ripple Finish

Polycell Ripple Finish is a tough, superior, water-based texture coating for interior use


Polycell Rockset is a fast-setting, hydraulic cement compound for anchoring fixtures

Schoolboard Paint

PLASCON Schoolboard Paint is a high-quality, ultra-durable, alkyd-based paint with unique surface properties

02373 - Plascon Skim Coat Ext 5L 3D Pack Shot copy
Skim Coat Exterior

PLASCON Skim Coat Exterior is a ready-mixed acrylic skim plaster for exterior walls

Skim Coat Interior

PLASCON Skim Coat Interior is a ready-mixed acrylic skim plaster for use on interior walls

Stoep Enamel

PLASCON Stoep Enamel is a single pack, alkali resistant enamel for interior and exterior use

Sugar Soap Liquid

Polycell Sugar Soap Liquid is a gentle but powerful non-alkaline cleaner for all household surfaces and general use

Sugar Soap Powder

Polycell Sugar Soap Powder is a gentle yet powerful alkaline cleaner

Super Acrylic Polvin

PLASCON Super Acrylic Polvin is a superior water-based quality acrylic emulsion paint

Super Universal Enamel

PLASCON Super Universal Enamel is a high quality solvent-based enamel with a high gloss finish

Tile and Melamine Primer

Plascon Tile and Melamine Primer is a high performance water-based acrylic primer for interior ceramic wall tiles and melamine surfaces

02360 - Plascon TradePro 5L Bright Matt 3D Pack Shot
TradePro Bright Matt

PLASCON TradePro Bright Matt is a water-based acrylic PVA for use on both exterior and interior surfaces

02360 - Plascon TradePro 5L Brilliant Sheen 3D Pack Shot
TradePro Brilliant Sheen

PLASCON TradePro Brilliant Sheen is a superior quality, washable and durable acrylic paint for both interior and exterior surfaces

02360 - Plascon TradePro 5L Gloss Enamel 3D Pack Shot
TradePro Gloss Enamel

PLASCON TradePro Gloss Enamel is an economical solvent based enamel paint for interior and exterior surfaces