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Take it outside

Oct 18, 2010

Thomas Gouws, Thomas Gouws Architects + Interiors

'Colour is an important design tool that can be used to create a wide spectrum of aesthetic effects. As far as exterior colour trends in South Africa are concerned, I think natural colours should remain the most popular choice because they are timeless and blend in with their surroundings. However, I predict - and hope - that black and white will once again gain popularity and be used in combination with natural colours to create an interesting juxtaposition.'

Pieter Mathews, Mathews @ Associates Architects

'Experimenting with colour and creating interesting combinations can add a whole new dimension to the style of a house. Accent colours, for instance, can be used on different architectural features to highlight certain design elements. Unfortunately, however, South Africans in general are still too afraid to break out of the "safe colour" mould. For that reason, brightly coloured houses, sadly, also take much longer to sell. In future, I hope that white will make a comeback. White defines the "shadows" in architecture, sharpening form and placing more focus on the design of a house.'

Gardiol and Johan Bergenthuin, Gardiol Bergenthuin

'It is important to bear in mind that the colour and design of a house should complement each other. When looking at a building as an outsider, it should be impossible to separate the colour from the design, the overall ensemble should work so well together. It seems that South Africans are still afraid of the unknown because the majority of homeowners are hesitant to move away from pale, dusty colours. We would be overjoyed if more risks were taken with regards to colour.'