Tips & Techniques

Make an entrance

Dec 02, 2010

Look 1: Fall in love with a pretty dollhouse-front entrance that harks back to an era of refinement with the gentle combination of Plascon’s Rose Shadow and Tumbled Stone. Choose Cashmere paint, which has a plush matt finish, or go for Wall & All with its suede finish and unique dirt-barrier formulation which inhibits mould and fungus. Note that, when choosing colours for your exterior, you can also use planting to complement and enhance your scheme.

Look 2: Rural hospitality and a love of nature abound in an inviting front-door scheme that features earthy browns, sandy yellows and deep, leafy greens. To create the look, stand your door up against a wall in line with an overhead projector. Copy your tree motif onto transparency paper and project it onto the door, tracing it onto the surface. Carefully paint in the design in Plascon Velvaglo Ivory White, then create a door handle from a piece of branch to further enhance the tree motif.

Look 3: Playful paint colours provide the Lego-bright building blocks for a bold entrance that is anything but boring. Turn your front door into a talking point with a large, graphic house number repeated across its facing surface, then add oomph with a splash of Njabulo red on the edges of the door. When it comes to decorating, don’t shy away from combining bright colours, both in finishes and accessories. Offset blocks of vivid primary colour with touches of white to make the brights really sing.

Look4: Create an edgy, modern entrance befitting a sleek, contemporary home with a palette of shimmering silvers, greys and stones. Think Zen garden meets industrial chic – the look is pared down, but with big, bold, oversized accessories. Furniture pieces with clean, simple lines in monochromatic tones complement this palette of cool greys, soft aqua and stone. Use silver as an accent to add a dash of luxe to the scheme and keep the look uncluttered with a formal, structured layout. Remember, when working with metallic paints, to use a sponge roller and to keep your strokes in one direction.