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Perfect patios

Jan 15, 2013

Set the scene for splashy somersaults, lazy sundowners and a long South African summer with a patio in one of four hot palettes. Look 1: Budget

The classic colour trio of red, white and blue works extra-hard in this nautical look. Best of all, every accessory is a budget-friendly find. Start by giving walls a cool, neutral treatment with Plascon Wall & All North Island (B5-D2-1), and paint floors in Plascon Floor Paint White (FPT 1). Build on the look with outdoor furniture in blue, white and red. Blue and white stripy fabric adds a relaxed, seaside appeal, while red accent pieces lend a contemporary edge. Look 2: Localised

Royal blue meets sunshine yellow in a collection of accessories that salute SA design. This snappy look also proves that primaries pack a punch. Create a colour-block effect by painting your backdrop with two complementary colours – we used Plascon Wall & All Silver (E29-3) on the left and Blueberry Ripple (B7-D1-1) on the right. Choose simple furniture in bright shades of yellow to complement the darker background and inject a bit of fun.

Look 3: Green

Tranquil sage blends with handmade furniture in wood and wicker. Green palette plus green products equals eco-friendly elegance. Create a simple, serene base by painting your backdrop with two coats of Plascon Wall & All Midland’s Marsh (G1-E2-1). Incorporate accessories that are handmade (and preferably locally made, too) from natural materials such as wood, wicker and canvas. Finally, add some real greenery with a scattering of potted plants. Look 4: Glamour

Plush, pure white pieces and a touch of well-placed bling make this iridescent space as luxurious as it looks. Firstly, transform your space with Plascon Wall & All White (WAA 1) on the walls and Plascon Floor Paint White (FPT 1) on the floors. Build on this blank canvas with modern, large-scale white pieces, then accent the look with some sparkle in the form of an accessory or two in silver or aluminium.

Watch a time-lapse video of our patio shoot:

CREDITS Photographs: Micky Hoyle Production: Liezel Norval-Kruger