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Your space in the spotlight

Jan 21, 2017


Is your home a kaleidoscope of fabulous colour? Do visitors comment on your unmistakeable style? If so, your space could make it onto our pages …



1 Send an email with images of your space to 2 Post an image or collage of your colourful project on Instagram with the hashtag #plasconspacesinpractice

For house-proud homeowners who plough their energy and resources into creating beautifully considered, colourful spaces, having them appear on platforms other than Pinterest may seem unattainable. But here at Plascon SPACES we want to feature your colourful interior on our pages.

It could be any room in your home, shop or place of work – as long as it has colour we would love to see it. The only criteria are that it’s attention-grabbing and that it has been painted using Plascon products. (You will get bonus points if you send us ‘before’ pictures of your project.)

The pictures that catch our eye are not always total transformations of huge areas either. Perhaps you are a keen paint technique fan – ombré treatments, stencilling, geometric wall features and textural finishes are just some of what we are keen to see. Or perhaps you breathed new life into an old piece of furniture. In our opinion any intervention that involves a can of paint and your imagination is more than worthy of our attention.

In short, we would love to hear from you and find out how you use colour to add magic to your surroundings. If we’re impressed we will professionally photograph your space and dedicate an entire feature to it in the magazine.