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These modern neutrals will take your patio from insipid to inspiring

Feb 22, 2017

Be inspired by the modern neutrals – in tones of pink and grey – to create an outdoor space that owes its sophistication to clean lines and muted hues.




Plascon Wall & All Rhine Castle (EC 54) forms the dramatic backdrop to this sophisticated setting. The addition of fleshy tints elevates the space from austere to meditative.


● This look is about embracing the softer things in life, which is why it is important to off set the potentially austere backdrop with gentle pastels such as Plascon Tiny Pink (R1-A2-3).

● Lighten the look with the introduction of white elements, textural cement objects and wood.

These modern neutrals will take your patio from insipid to inspiring

Clockwise: Side table, Weylandts. On the table: Jug, Country Road. Marble object, cement pot and plant, and outdoor couch, stylist’s own. Cushions, both Indigi Designs. Rectangular wall planters, Weylandts. Plants, all Starke Ayres. Side table, Weylandts. Wooden pot, stylist’s own. On the shelf: Tall black vase, Weylandts; Porcelain pot, Lisa Firer at Okha. Chair, Chair Crazy. Linen cloth, Mavromac. Leather bag, Indigi Designs. Side table, Don’t Leave Me at Créma Design. Pink glasses, Woolworths. Geometric side table, La Grange. On the table: Marble slate, Country Road. Crystal vessels with marble base, Tom Dixon at Créma Design.

Featured image: Light Grey Aluminium (EC 44), Rhine Castle (EC 54), Tiny Pink (R1-A2-3), Vancouver Dusk (P2-D1-2). Cement mug, Lim. Ceramic bowls, all Blink.